Team and Individual Coaching: Working with you or your Team we identify obstacles and opportunities to move you closer to your goals. A few of the areas covered include:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Taking Action
  • Your “Unique Soul Purpose” (in a Team setting we identify how it strengthens the whole)
  • Positive Choices
  • Goal Setting
  • Thankfulness and Gratitude
  • Honor in all areas – including toward yourself
  • Overcoming Roadblocks


Communications Training: Based on the work found in Please Understand Me II this half-day seminar focuses on the different types of personalities and their communication styles

Reiki Healing and Relaxation: With the option of coaching during a Reiki session discover the peace of mind and opportunity to discover what is getting in your way.

Weddings, Spiritual Bonding or Handfasting: Both Spiritual Bonding and Handfasting are similar to a wedding and may include a marriage license. Spiritual Bonding brings a couple together in a spiritual commitment ceremony that will last as long as the two souls continue to grow with each other. Handfasting can be spiritual or secular in its nature.


Vocal Coaching / Public Speaking: Working toward a specific event we’ll make sure you’re “performance ready”