What Others Are Saying About Kira Wagner & Her Strategies:

If you’re ready to take your life and business to higher levels and sustain continuous growth and improvement, then you must work with my friend Kira. She has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes peoples lives! And, the best thing is that Kira comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others! Do yourself a favor and work with Kira today! You’ll be so grateful you did!

James Malinchak, World Premier Speaker Trainer and Coach
Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”​



Kira Wagner thrives in every organization she is involved in. She is very professional and most of all very helpful in sharing her knowledge. I met her at the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce several years ago and am witness to her commitment within the community. She also has amazing singing talent.

Maria Eugenia Serrano
State of California Employment Development Department



Kira is a wonderful and caring individual. She pays close attention to detail and works well with a lot of different people. She was able to enter into a situation in which she had the experience, but in a different capacity and apply to the needs of our institution. She is loving, caring and a joy to be around.

Fr. Gary Kyriacou
Parish Priest at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church



Dr. Wagner is a very kind soul and a pleasure to work with. She is incredibly thoughtful and engaging. Her expertise in holistic approaches is a much-needed resource and helps us to thrive. Thank you for being so awesome.

Dr. Rebecca K. Mansfield, PhD 
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist



It’s been both a pleasure and an honor to know Kira Wagner for more than 15 years. Every time I see her either in person or a picture of her somewhere, she has her famous trademark smile… the kind of smile that brightens your day and makes you happy being around her, knowing her, and seeing that she radiates full confidence in who she is, what she stands for, and the value she knows that you will receive if you follow her lead.

While feeling good and getting to know who Kira is are nice things, the real take-aways from her are the changes, the transformations, and the positive results she can help make happen for you.

If you happen to be a mom those results show up in the way you effectively balance the many hats you wear, the tasks you perform, and the attention, love, and support that is so important to transfer to your children and that is so critical in building their self-esteem and self-worth.

If you’re a businesswoman, you’ll be more effective at the job you do, the people you manage, the clients you interact with, and the leaders that you influence and help perform their jobs better.

As a Care Giver, a friend, a neighbor, or even someone who is touched in any way by Kira, your life will be blessed and you feel her genuine care and concern, even if it’s only because you saw her smile.

Now… if you really want to experience all I’m mentioned, get in touch with Kira as soon as you can and learn from one who is truly a master at helping people (especially women) plan, create, and achieve their dream life. I know this… you won’t be disappointed. In fact, quite the opposite. But don’t take my word for it… do it now. Reach out and make that connection and start benefiting from what Kira Wagner can do for you!

Martin Howey, Business Consultant
Founder and CEO, TopLine Business Solutions



Kira will put a smile on your face every time you see her. She is professional and courageous and if you know how valuable networking can be, get to know her. Thank you, Kira!

Greg Montana, Founder, and Author
Your Pain is Your Credential…Unlock Your Heart Virtue



It was pure Joy to work with Kira. Her talents and skills are incredibly diversified. She solves and presents difficult technical computer issues in a way that’s easy to understand — she is a stellar student on the Spiritual Path — and she coaches others with compassion and insight.

Joyce Kenyon, Authorized Instructor & Seventh Degree Initiate
The Radiance Technique®



Kira is a brave pioneer whose unique consulting business exemplifies the American spirit of entrepreneurship and self-actualization. She has been a marvelous role model for me as I have expanded my own network.

Dr. Laura Wilhelm, Judge and Media Partner
French Riviera Film Festival



I am always proud to refer Kira! She is a natural leader and extremely supportive to all. When you are ready to grow your business – Kira is the person to see.

Evelyn Siegel, CEO
Cash Flow Services



Kira is a multi-talented Renaissance Woman, dedicated to helping people live the lives of their wildest imaginings. Spend some time with this passionate spirit and watch as your dreams take flight!

Lani Voivod, Chief Chick & Ally
Possibility at Epiphanies, Inc.



I first met Kira when she was the Music Director of Antelope Valley Showcase Chorus and I was a new member. Kira was and is a vibrant and passionate person who truly cares about people. I took vocal coaching lessons from Kira and she not only helped me become a better vocalist, but she also encouraged and helped me to become a better person. Kira is able to draw out your inner self and help you deal with the pain that you may have hidden deep inside. Kira is a wonderful person who I fully endorse.

Monica Hoffman
IT Specialist at NASA



We assume that we have personal freedom but that’s just confusion. We have the right to be personally free, however, we don’t always realize that we’ve cut off our own freedoms. Kira Wagner, in an amazingly short period of time, shows us how to not only find out how much freedom we’ve granted ourselves but how to get a lot more, Underlying her deceptively light-hearted style lies a formula for freedom that you may well want to thank her for after experiencing her work.

Tom Justin, CEO
Center Mass Communication, LLC



Kira is one of the most ethical business people that I have had the pleasure and honor to work with as well as get to know on a more personal level. She is inspiring, energetic and always has a bright, contagious smile on her face.

Jacques Soriano, President
Soriano Marketing



Kira is an upbeat, dynamic individual! She has the ability to get along with even the most difficult people. She is not afraid to take risks and knows how do deal with any programmatic situations! If she was a politician, she would have my vote!

Roxie Patterson
Jane of all Trades



Kira was an exceptional and intricate part of our team at the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce. She took the initiative to get things done and was an excellent team player. She showed passion for her assigned duties and embraced change like a champion. She’s a great asset to have in any team. And as a bonus, she has an excellent voice as she loves to sing and entertain!!

Ruben Arias Member Service Manager
Sams Club