As we search for our most perfect life we often find it blocked by challenges in relationships, money, health and life. Finding your formula for freedom empowers you to see these challenges as cover stories for fear and embrace your unique soul purpose.

Topics Include:

  • The 7 Principles of Success to Jump Start Your Day
  • Station MSFM (Make Some Freakin’ Money) What Station Are You Listening To?
  • Fan The Flame, Find The Freedom - Finding Success In Your Life
  • Sailing the C’s of Freedom


Participants will:

  1. Break down the toughest problems into simple, manageable elements.
  2. Discover the elements that seem to be holding you back from achieving your fullest potential.
  3. Find the motivation to move from desire to realization.
  4. Learn to use existing tools so that you can implement change.
  5. Develop their intuition so that they can find their own unique answers
  6. Learn to develop a support team so that you expand your knowledge base
  7. Find the healing power of laughter so that you can move to the next level


Kira Wagner is a living example of how to harness your personal power to achieve tremendous results. Born to blind parents, she’s keenly aware that the only real handicaps are those we place on ourselves. A first-generation American, she grew up cherishing freedom, but her father passed away when she was four, and by age fifteen, she’d lived in 6 counties and 28 different homes. These traumatic events left her with difficulty connecting to people and fully participating in life, but sparked a quest to turn her life around and tap her personal power. The result was a transformation that she now shares with others, as she opens the door to changing our lives through the power of personal choice.

Kira brings 30+ years’ experience in teaching, motivation, performing, coaching and training to the table. Her background includes the US Marine Corps, and work for public school systems, volunteer and solo-professionals organizations and much, much more.