Dear Enlightened One,

  • “I feel like I’m missing something, but I don’t know what.”
  • “My life isn’t going the way I planned.”
  • “I don’t know why they keep letting me down.”
  • “I feel stuck in my job.”
  • “I never get to spend time with my family – I’m like a stranger.”
  • “I haven’t taken any time for “me” in over a year.”

Did any of these sound familiar?

Maybe you can relate to a couple of my friends.

The first, we’ll call him “John” was single, had a good job and lots of friends and yet wanted more out of his career as well as his life. He began to use affirmations and was really looking for a new direction but…

A month passed, then 6, then a year.

And still…no change.

He spent every waking – and sleeping – moment trying to figure out where he was going wrong. He was a great guy, lots of friends, but not the life he had always dreamed of!

Soon there was the refinance on the house to just break even with the credit card debt and he was working so much that he didn’t have time to devote to any kind of relationship.

Then there was “Mary”– a great gal with a nice husband but something was missing, There was a distance in their relationship that she hadn’t forseen when they married and whenever she thought about a career – following her heart – she held back because of the lack of money, the lack of support and the lack of belief that her dreams were even possible. And this didn’t even address the relationship that she had with her daughter!

Both were experiencing daily frustrations and worry about money, relationships and life in general.

They were experiencing everything but FREEDOM.

Without the understanding they struggled with both personal and financial prosperity.

So, is this you?

Do you feel like:

  • You’re missing out in the game of life
  • Your relationships are suffering because you just don’t feel like yourself anymore.
  • Your career is at a standstill.
  • You’re suffering from burnout
  • Or, worse yet, you can’t even put your finger on what’s wrong

You may have read a few or MANY books on the subject already, but nothing has changed. And that’s OK! You’re on the right track. You just need to go beyond the typical self-help books.

Don’t get me wrong, many of those books are good…but they don’t go far enough. They’re like a puzzle with a few pieces missing. (And chances are, the authors of those books don’t even realize they’re missing those pieces. I’ve been studying this for a long time and it took ME years before I realized this myself.)

I’m living proof that life and business doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

  • You CAN enjoy success in business.
  • You CAN have a great home life.
  • You CAN make as much money as you want.

My name is Kira Wagner and it wasn’t so long ago when I was struggling myself. Single mom, worried about money, not following my life’s passion. Every day was a challenge just to get myself out of bed in the morning.

Fast forward to today. I’m happily married to a wonderful man, I’ve started the business of my dreams and I’m having the time of my life!

What changed? I finally took a hard look at the results I was getting. I realized the only common denominator in all of elements in my life was ME. And I was sick and tired of all of these REASONS (or excuses) why I wasn’t succeeding in all areas of my life – I wanted results.

So I started to ASK for what I wanted. And, sure enough, I started receiving ANSWERS. Answers that showed me WHY I was stuck and answers that showed me HOW to move forward.

In a nutshell, I discovered the secret – and as Your Freedom Guide I know it WILL work for you too!

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