Team and Individual Coaching

Working with you or your Team we identify obstacles and opportunities to move you closer to your goals. A few of the areas covered include:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Taking Action
  • Your “Unique Soul Purpose” (in a Team setting we identify how it strengthens the whole)
  • Positive Choices
  • Goal Setting
  • Thankfulness and Gratitude
  • Honor in all areas – including toward yourself
  • Overcoming Roadblocks


Communications Training

Based on the work found in Please Understand Me II this half-day seminar focuses on the different types of personalities and their communication styles

Reiki Healing and Relaxation

With the option of coaching during a Reiki session discover the peace of mind and opportunity to discover what is getting in your way.

Weddings, Spiritual Bonding or Handfasting

Both Spiritual Bonding and Handfasting are similar to a wedding and may include a marriage license. Spiritual Bonding brings a couple together in a spiritual commitment ceremony that will last as long as the two souls continue to grow with each other. Handfasting can be spiritual or secular in its nature.


Let me help take your deceased loved one across the passage and help others relate to the process in a gentle, supportive and deep way.

Vocal Coaching / Public Speaking

Working toward a specific event we’ll make sure you’re “performance ready”.