Station MSFM

(Make Some Freakin’ Money)

How would you like to have Station MSFM always playing in your head? What would it look like if the money were flowing in and everything looked as good as it felt? Would you be impassioned to take action whenever the opportunity presented itself?

Would you use all of the tools at your disposal to create change?

We all have a money station playing in our head – every moment of every day. Some of us have it playing by default, no conscious choice, and when that happens it’s usually hovering around Station BROK. Others are allowing it in and choosing to make money, or, as in the case of Station MSFM – make some freakin’ money.

Now lest there is any confusion here and the spiritual side screams “foul”, think of it this way, money is nothing more than an enabler – it allows you to be more of who you “really are” inside.

This station is set based on your own selection and you sing along with it.

You are the Programming Director.

You tell it to play songs that tell us why you’ll “never”, why you “can’t”, why it “won’t work”, why you “shouldn’t”, how you “missed that opportunity” and it’ll “never be as good as it was then” OR…

…You set it to the station that will play songs that tell you how powerful you are, how creative you are, how valuable you are, how rich you are and the infinite possibilities that are ahead of you.

As Henry Ford said, think you can, think you can’t; either way you’re right”. So how you THINK about your finances is just as important in your life as it is in any other (relationships, health, spirituality, etc.).

It is true that on occasion you can create a win despite the station that is playing because you have a team that supports you and believes in you. For those times it’s good to be grateful and center in on the feeling. But if it isn’t a routine, you need to look at what is happening.

Then there are times when our station is playing and we have to turn the volume up because we find ourselves tested – to see how much we believe in our dream.

That moment has come to everyone that is truly successful at some point in their lives. A couple of notables include the likes of Walt Disney and Col. Sanders. How many times did someone tell them “no” and yet their choice of stations kept playing their “most requested songs”. They played the station that brought them the results they were looking for and as a result, they made money.

They had determination along with a dream, a vision, a plan and ultimately a team to help them implement the vision. Their self-talk, their Station MSFM, reinforced what they already knew in their heads and their hearts.

If the station that is playing in your head today is attracting the results that you don’t want – find someone to help you make a different choice. But don’t expect anyone else to make the choice for you.

You are the only one that has that power.


If you choose Station MSFM and it gets hard to hear…take a second and simply adjust the fine tuning! Unlike the radios of today, it is exactly like to ones of the past where you can fine tune it and get it to play as perfectly as you desire.



What station are you choosing to listen to today?