Give your whole life to your why and watch the magicLet’s start with the obvious question.

Can you honestly say that your life holds a meaning for you? That you know WHY you are here.

If you said ‘no’, you’re not alone.

Many people sit and feel quite depressed about not knowing what they should be doing with their life. This happens anytime in life. Do you remember being in high school and having to choose a career for the rest of your life? Talk about feeling pressured at a young age.

Everyone has some type of true calling or purpose in life, and yes life does have a meaning. Sometimes your true calling is staring you in the face, you just don’t recognize it yet.

You have no doubt heard stories about people experiencing death and then coming back to life. When they recover they find they have a new outlook on life altogether.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for something terrible to happen to you! You can start at any time to discover your true calling and the meaning of life yourself.

Use your why to drive your passion You need a gut busting, driving WHY to make permanent changes in your life. To find the success to drive your business forward. That ‘firey why’ or ‘why that makes you cry’ has power to change everything in your favor.

Start now by sitting down and thinking about what you would do if money was no objection and you didn’t have to worry about anyone but yourself.

Write down all the things that come to mind. 

If you have several put them in order of priority. Which is the one item that you truly feel passionate about? Then ask yourself if you were to do this, would feel as though your life had meaning to it again?

When you can truly answer these questions openly and honestly you will be on your way to uncovering what the meaning of life has for you. Remember we are all different and no two people will see something in the same way.

HOWEVER, anyone who has taken any type of self improvement course has been told to find their why. And I’m no different. My clients know that their why is key to having the courage and strength to do what it takes to succeed.

While this may sound easy enough, it is not always simple to identify your why. Before you can identify your why you need to know which area of your life needs improvement. Why are you looking for a meaning to your life? Are you looking for an overall purpose, or do you need to develop a why for a specific reason? For example you may want to uncover your why so you can lose weight or stick to an exercise regimen.

It is often easier to define your why for specific outcomes. If you are trying to lose weight you will want to have certain reasons for doing so. This could include wanting to look more attractive, to feel better, to be able to play with your kids or to battle a medical issue.

Get out there and make it happenUncovering your why can be difficult and take time.

I know. I’ve had dozens of ‘why’s’ – my kids, my job, my family, my self-esteem, my church…the list is as long as the number of times I’ve moved in my life. But it also makes it easy to change direction, get distracted, and loose my way.

Finding that firey why requires that you are open and honest with yourself . And once you have THAT why then you can be more focused and motivated.

Most successful people in life are so successful because they are true to their why and are following their passion. They enjoy their profession each and every day because they feel that they are making a difference each time they do so.

Most education today focuses on teaching you the skills to get a good job, without tapping into passion. You are taught to train for a good paying job and while fun at first, the excitement of it wears off. After a few years in your profession you are feeling bored and unfulfilled. This is exactly why there are so many people pursuing a job that they aren’t happy with.

And they never begin to challenge you on your “why”.

Give yourself the gift and find your why. Finding your why often entails getting out of your comfort zone. It is way too easy to spout off reasons because it sounds good or you read it somewhere and it sounded noble. It is much harder to stick up for yourself and stay passionate to your true feelings.

By being true to your own feelings and following your why you are fulfilling your life.

You are doing something meaningful and making a difference and you will be actively participating in creating your best life.